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Updated travel protocols for travelers coming to Nepal

Travellers need to know about the Updated travel protocols of Nepal in 2022. We hope that you went through our previous blog on changes to Nepalese on-arrival Visa for tourist. If you haven’t, make sure to check out “On-arrival Nepali Visa“.


So, in this post, we will be talking about the updated travel protocols or post-Covid protocols like, before you arrive in Nepal, about VISAs, Documents that are required, roles of Nepalese authorities, after arrival in Nepal and many other prospects. Thus, we suggest you go through this source.


New travel protocols make travelling easier in Nepal


The Government of Nepal has successfully prepared a new list, regarding the travellers visiting Nepal. The updated travel protocols or travel provisions have considered a favourable situation for many of the tourist, who are willing to enjoy their quality time. So, here are the updated provisions.


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(1) What to expect before arriving in Nepal


(i) First of all, a traveller coming to visit Nepal for the trek, tour or any other experiences, must contact a tour/trekking company in Nepal, let’s say Nepal Lion Tours & Treks. After that, you will need to fix a trip itinerary.


(ii) Further, on behalf of you, Nepal Lion will request approval from the tourism bodies like the Department of Tourism (Climbing expeditions), and Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) for any other activities (tour and treks).


(iii) For medical help and services, the company may need to have coordination with the hospital. After that, the hospital will put out a formal request to Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) for approval of the request.


(iv) After the formal documents/ details are gathered, the next step is to recommend the traveller’s details to the Foreign Ministry and Department of Immigration.


(v) Thus, the recommendation letter is provided by Nepal Tourism Board after (NTB) or the Department of Tourism and only upon request from a company. Also, the details and information’s are to be delivered to the traveller as it is.


Necessary Documents before arrival


The traveller is obliged to provide authentic necessary documents at the check-in counter before boarding the aeroplane. The document list includes the following:


i. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) negative test report not exceeding 72 hours before getting in the plane or a COVID-19 vaccination certificate.


ii. Nepali VISA or the recommendation letter from Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) that mentions the travel/ tour/ trek related activities that you will be doing.


iii. A Nepali hotel booking confirmation for the stay.


iv. Travel Insurance covering all the emergency evacuation and costs during your travel to Nepal.


Once done the airlines will let you board the plane after submitting these documents.


(2) Getting a Nepali VISA


(i) All travellers are bounded to get a VISA under the Nepali Diplomatic Mission in their country before arrival. The Nepali Diplomatic Mission will provide a VISA after submission of the documents mentioned in the above section “Necessary Documents before arrival”. So, without this process, a traveller might get problems while getting an on-arrival VISA at the Nepali international airport.


(ii) The traveller can expect a Nepali VISA after every process is done. Thus, when travellers get into Nepal via air, they can get the ON-arrival VISA at the Nepal Immigration Desk at the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA).


(iii) Further, the traveller wanting to get an ON-arrival VISA should submit all documents listed on Point No. 7, to the Nepal Immigration Desk at the airport. After this, the Nepal Immigration Desk will provide a Nepali VISA to such travellers based on the law of Nepal.


(3) What to expect after arrival in Nepal


i. The first thing will be to test yourself and go for a PCR test after arriving. It is mandatory even if you are vaccinated against the COIVD-19. Thus, you need to quarantine yourself at your own expenses as long as the test report shows negative. After the negative PCR test report, you are free to do the activities you signed for.


ii. Also, from the tour/ trekking service provider company side need to assign a Nepali support team (guides/ porters) having COVID-19 insurance for the journey with you.


(4) What provisions are there for Indian Nationals


The Indian nationals coming to Nepal through airlines will be treated under the “Nepal- India Air Travel Bubble Agreement”.


i. Indian nationals should submit the Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) negative test report not exceeding 72 or a COVID-19 vaccination certificate, to the Immigration Desk at the Nepal-India border if they come overland.


ii. Indian nationals need to follow the COVID-19 health protocols set by the Nepal Government.


(5) What are the roles of concerned authorities/ companies on travellers


i. A traveller intending to visit Nepal must be informed of the health and other protocols by the trekking/ tour/ expedition company.


ii. The trekking/ tour/ expedition company is bound to provide all the traveller related documents to the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) and Department of Tourism, before arrival, after arrival and after departure (if needed).


iii. The Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) and Department of Tourism need to forward the gathered traveller related documents to the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation.


iv. The concerned trekking/ tour/ expedition company is fully liable to monitor and take care of the travelling activities of the traveller when in Nepal.


v. All travellers need to follow the COVID-19 protocols issued by the Nepal government during their travel/stay. Also, the concerned authorities/ companies should make sure everything is kept on track.


(6) Monitoring and related actions


i. The Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) and the Department of Tourism will check if the above requirements (on number 5) are met and followed or not.


ii. Local Government Administration can anytime interfere situations and inform The Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) as well Department of Tourism for issues.


iii. If found guilty, any Travel agencies or concerned agencies will have to face actions under the rules of the Nepal Government, for violating the safety and health protocols during the travel.


(7) Suspension and other


The Nepal government has decided to terminate previous protocols and provision. So, these newly updated travel protocols work in exchange for that. Also, the Department of Tourism regulates the terms and provisions for travellers.