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Annapurna Region

The Annapurna Region is another great popular trekking destination in Nepal. Known for its stunning mountain vistas, cultural diversity, and adventures.

Here are some highlights you cannot miss out on.

  1. Annapurna Circuit Trek: Annapurna Circuit Trek is a great trek that explores the whole of the Annapurna region. Taking you through scenic landscapes, diverse cultures, and great mountain views.
  2. Annapurna Base Camp Trek: Annapurna Base Camp is another popular trek that this region offers. Taking you to the base of Annapurna Peak, you get a wholesome experience and get to know the Annapurna Region much better.
  3. Poon Hill: Poon Hill is a popular viewpoint that offers a stunning view of the Annapurna. Classified as a short trek, you can complete this trek in just a few days. Thus, the work-to-reward ratio is the highest.
  4. Muktinath Temple: A holy pilgrimage site that holds great value for both Hindus and Buddhists. Situated at an altitude of about 3700 meters. This place offers stunning views of the surrounding valleys and holds great cultural value.
  5. Jomsom and Kagbeni: Two popular villages that lie in the Annapurna region. Offering a unique cultural experience. These villages are home to Thakali people, who have a distinct culture and tradition.
  6. Tilicho Lake: One of the highest lakes in the world. That settles at an altitude of 4,919 meters. The lake is well known for its stunning landscape and views of the surrounding mountains.
  7. Natural Hot Springs: The Annapurna Region is home to several natural hot springs that offer a relaxing experience after a long day of trekking.


Trekking the Annapurna Region

Annapurna trekking region in Nepal has been widely recognized as a naturalist paradise. The Annapurna trekking/tour region is a famous dramatic place for trekkers. One can do a 2 to 21 days trekking/tour in the Annapurna region. Moreover, the upper sub-alpine steppes harbor rare snow leopards and blue sheep. 

Other areas of the Annapurna trekking region protect bird species such as the multi-colored Impeyan, kokla, and blood pheasant, amongst many other birds, butterflies, and insects. Many plants native to Nepal are found in the forest of the Annapurna trekking region. The Annapurna conservation area has 100 varieties of orchids and some of the richest temperate rhododendron forests in the world. Moreover, the Annapurna Conservation Area has preserved thousands of exquisite birds and animals.

For thousands of years, people of diverse ethnic backgrounds have scratched a livelihood out of Annapurnas steep hillsides. Moreover, the advent of tourism and the phenomenal rise in the human population has triggered a process of environmental deterioration. In 1968 Nepal’s former King Mahendra Trust for Nature Conservation launched the Annapurna Conservation Area Project.

With international support, the project aims to integrate environmental conservation with a development that can sustain the area’s reserve base. The project aspires to improve local living standards, protect the environment and develop a more “sensitive” form of tourism. One of ACAP’s (Annapurna Conservation Area Project) most important functions has been to create and teach courses on environmental education in local schools and communities.

Diverse Routes

Many trekking routes give an insight into the Annapurna Range, and the most famous trekking experience is the Annapurna Base Camp Trek. However, other treks will fascinate you with stunning views of the Annapurnas. One of the renowned viewpoints is Poonhill, also known as Sir Edmund Hillary’s favorite. 

You will be fascinated by how much this region offers in terms of nature, culture, biodiversity, and mountains. Nar Phu Valley Trek is one of them, and it provides you with a critical exploration of culture. The mixed Nepal-Tibetan culture is simply unique. 

There are also all-rounder trekking packages like Annapurna Circuit Trek, Annapurna Sanctuary Trek, Round Annapurna Trek, and Annapurna Panorama Trek, providing you with a whole box of adventure and exploration of this region’s center. 

Moreover, Poonhill solely had a variety of packages offering an insight into diverse villages and ethnicity. One of them is the famous Ghorepani-Poonhill Trek, which will take you to the ethnic town of Ghorepani along with Poonhill’s renowned viewpoint. 

There is also a combined package of Jomsom, Muktinath, Ghorepani, and Poonhill, consisting of 10 day trekking journey. This trekking package offers the sight of numerous snow-capped mountains as we march to Jomsom. It holds not only an adventurous but also a religious value to your journey, as Muktinath is a holy temple. 

Overall, every package is equally fascinating and works according to your time in Nepal. From 4 days trek to Poonhill to 18 days Round Annapurna Trek, your schedule convenience is composed.

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Annapurna Circuit Trek 15 Days
$ 899USD  / Per Person
Nar Phu Valley Trek 15 Days Itinerary and Cost
$ 1800  / Per Person
Nar Phu Valley Trek 10 Days
$ 1100  / Per Person
Australian Base Camp Trekking 5 Days
$ 390  / Per Person
Poon Hill Hot Spring Trekking 8 Days
$ 525  / Per Person
Khopra Ridge Trekking 11 Days
$ 675  / Per Person
Annapurna Circuit Trek With Tilicho Lake 15 Days
$ 925  / Per Person
Round Annapurna Trek 18 Days
$ 1025  / Per Person
Annapurna Sanctuary Trek 10 Days
$ 775  / Per Person
Annapurna Panorama View Trek 8 Days
$ 550  / Per Person
Mardi Himal Trek 8 Days Itinerary and Cost
$ 550  / Per Person
Annapurna Circuit Trekking 13 Days
$ 1100  / Per Person
Annapurna Base Camp Trekking 12 Days
$ 800  / Per Person
Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek 5 Days
$ 380  / Per Person
Annapurna Base Camp Poon Hill Trekking 12 Days
$ 549  / Per Person

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