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Annapurna Sanctuary Trek 10 Days

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USD 775  Per Person
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Activity Level

Trekking/ Sightseeing ?

Group Size
Trip Code:
Tea House, Lodge
Maximum Altitude:
4,130 M (13,545 ft)
Breakfast, Meal
Kathmandu/ Pokhara/ Annapurna
Tourist Bus /Publice Transportation
Trip Attraction:

Annapurna Sanctuary

No of People Price
1-3 775
4-6 750
6 above 700

Trip Highlights

Annapurna Sanctuary Trek 10 Days


Embarking on the Annapurna Sanctuary Trek introduces you to the enchanting grandeur of the Annapurna Range, a spectacle that transcends imagination. The towering peaks, notably the mythical Machhapuchhre or “Fishtail,” become your companions.

Each step unravels a visual symphony of snow-clad summits, deep valleys, and pristine landscapes that redefine the meaning of awe-inspiring. The trek offers a unique perspective, allowing you to intimately connect with these iconic Himalayan giants, making the journey a pilgrimage for mountain enthusiasts.

Kathmandu’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites:

Before the trek begins, delve into the cultural treasures of Kathmandu, a city steeped in history and spirituality. The UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Pashupatinath Temple, Boudhanath Stupa, Swayambhunath, and Kathmandu Durbar Square, provide a rich cultural prologue to the Annapurna Sanctuary Trek 10 Days.

These architectural wonders and sacred sites lay the foundation for the transformative journey that awaits, creating a seamless transition from urban exploration to the natural wonders of the Himalayas.

Nepal’s Diversity in Geography, Culture, and Flora:

The Annapurna Sanctuary Trek serves as a microcosm of Nepal’s astounding diversity. Traverse through landscapes that mirror the country’s geographical and cultural diversity a journey from lush jungles adorned with rhododendrons and bamboo to the arid, cold terrains reminiscent of Tibet.

Engage with the Gurung people, absorbing their vibrant traditions. Witness the rich biodiversity, from exotic flora like magnolias and rhododendrons to unique fauna, creating an ever-changing tapestry throughout the trek.

Conquering the World’s Highest Pass: Thorang La Pass:

Challenge your limits and conquer the crown jewel of the Annapurna Sanctuary Trek, Thorang La Pass, standing proudly at 5,416 meters. This thrilling ascent and descent offer unparalleled panoramic views and a profound sense of accomplishment.

The journey through this highest pass becomes a symbolic peak in your adventure, underscoring the resilience and determination required to navigate nature’s challenges.

Beliefs and Myths of the Annapurna Sanctuary:

Peel back the layers of time and explore the mystique surrounding the Annapurna Sanctuary. Sacred to the Gurung people, it carries ancient myths of serpent gods, the Nagas believed to have left behind gold and resources.

Unravel the spiritual significance of this sanctuary as a dwelling place for deities from Hinduism and Buddhism, as well as animistic gods from ancient traditions. The beliefs embedded in the landscape add a spiritual depth to the trekking experience.

Conservation and Restrictions:

Step into the delicate balance between conservation and trekking tourism within the Annapurna Sanctuary. The region emphasizes sustainability as an integral part of the Annapurna Conservation Area Project.

Explore how measures restricting external influences, such as traveler numbers and resource use, aim to preserve the delicate ecosystem. The Annapurna Sanctuary becomes a living testament to responsible tourism, showcasing the importance of safeguarding natural wonders for future generations.

Trek Itinerary and Flexibility:

Navigate the flexible itinerary of the Annapurna Sanctuary Trek, a blueprint designed to accommodate diverse interests and time constraints. Whether you’re a seasoned trekker seeking new challenges or a first-time adventurer with time restrictions. The itinerary offers customization to suit individual preferences.

This adaptability ensures a personalized and enriching experience, making the journey accessible to all who seek the Himalayan adventure.

Annapurna Sanctuary Trekking: A Journey Through Flora and Fauna:

Embark on a holistic journey through the Annapurna Sanctuary, not merely a trek but an exploration of diverse ecosystems.

Traverse through semi-tropical vegetation to alpine wonders, where each turn reveals a new facet of the region’s flora and fauna. From vibrant blooms of magnolias and rhododendrons to encounters with unique fauna, the sanctuary unfolds as a living canvas of nature’s wonders.

Ethnic Diversity and Cultural Exploration:

The Annapurna Sanctuary Trek is a cultural odyssey that introduces you to the ethnic diversity that defines Nepal. Engage with local communities, particularly the Gurung people, and delve into the intricacies of their age-old traditions.

From traditional dances to daily village life, every interaction becomes a window into Nepal’s rich cultural tapestry. The trek fosters a profound connection and appreciation for the people who call these majestic mountains home.

Poon Hill Sunrise: A Panoramic Spectacle:

Commence each day of the Annapurna Sanctuary Trek with a magical sunrise at Poon Hill (3230 meters), an experience that transcends the ordinary. The first light paints the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges in hues of gold and pink, creating a mesmerizing panorama.

This daily spectacle becomes a metaphor for the trek filled with beauty, inspiration, and the promise of new horizons. As you stand atop Poon Hill, the panoramic spectacle sets the tone for the unfolding adventure. Leaving an everlasting imprint on your Himalayan journey.


In conclusion, the Annapurna Sanctuary Trek is a symphony of nature, culture, and personal discovery. From the majestic peaks of the Annapurna Range to the sacred serenity of Machhapuchhre. Each moment is a brushstroke on the canvas of a transformative journey.

This trek, blending diverse landscapes, ancient beliefs, and sustainable practices, epitomizes responsible adventure. As you navigate the flexible itinerary, witness the sunrise at Poon Hill, conquer Thorang La Pass, and engage with Nepal’s ethnic tapestry. The Annapurna Sanctuary becomes not just a destination but a sanctuary of unforgettable memories and profound connections.

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After a hot breakfast, drive 200km to Pokhara, and it takes about 6-7 hours from Kathmandu by tourist bus. It is an exciting and romantic drive where we can enjoy the beautiful scenic view of terraced rice fields, eye-catching landscape, Trisuli and Marsyangdi Rivers, and an incredible view of Ganesh Himal, Manaslu, Lamjung Himal, and most of Annapurna Himalayan Range. The tourist coach stops for breakfast at 09:00 am and at noon for lunch on the way to Pokhara.

Maximum Altitude:
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Half an hour drive to Phedi and start trek to Tolka/1810m. The trail is steep until Dhampus, and pleasant, easy walk up to Deurali. Then, the trail descends steeply down to Bherikharka, and 30 minutes walk takes us to Tolka. Stay there overnight in the lodge.

Maximum Altitude:
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

We walk a reasonably flat path till Landruk, then descends and trek on the stream through Himalpani and cross the suspension bridge over Modi Khola close to New Bridge. Then we tend to walk until reaching Chhumrung – one of the biggest Gurung villages via Jhinu Danda situated on the ridge. We hike steeply for about 5 hours to Chhumrong.

Maximum Altitude:
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

The track goes up from Chhumrung Khola to Himalaya at 2900 meters. It is an easy walk through rhododendron, adorned with orchids and ferns, then steeped down with a stone staircase to Bamboo.

Maximum Altitude:
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Above Himalaya, the valley widens and becomes less steep. We should not stop in this dangerous place for a protracted time. This place is warned of an avalanche. Thus, continue trek ahead with awareness till you get to the safe area. As you walk more, a lot of stunning White Mountains are seen.

The path turns to the left within the valley after Machhapuchhre Base Camp, and it’s a lovely walk up ABC, although the air is thin. You’ll see a 360˙degree Mountain view from Base Camp. The tremendous views of large Annapurna I 8091m, Annapurna South 7219m, Machhapuchhre (Mt. Fishtail) 6997m, and several|and several other} other giant peaks.

Maximum Altitude:
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After enjoying the Brilliant Mountain view and taking a hot cup of tea or coffee, we take hot breakfast and trek down to Dovan or Bamboo via MBC, Deurali, and Himalaya. We take a tea and lunch break on the way. Stay overnight at the lodge.

Maximum Altitude:
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After a beautiful visit to Bamboo, we again trek down the same trail to Chhumrong. You will be amazed how the place is full of wonders and culture.

Maximum Altitude:
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

The path initially goes through a reasonably flat, then descends Kimrong Khola and hikes up to Komrong Danda. We can stop there for a lunch break, then continue our trek to Ghandruk, an attractive Gurung village conjointly known as a “Gurung Heritage,” where we can visit the Gurung museum and a monastery.

Maximum Altitude:
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Today is our Last Day of trekking. We descend to Kimche; there, we can catch the jeep to Nayapul if you feel tired; if not, we will continue walking till reaching Nayapul and drive to Pokhara.

Maximum Altitude:
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

You Can Select The Means Of Transportation As Per Your Preference. If You’re In A Hurry, It’s Better For You To Decide On A Flight Because It Takes A Full Day Of Driving To Reach Kathmandu. However, If You Have Enough Time, It’ll Be A Pleasing Experience Riding A Bus To Kathmandu For Around Eight Hours.

Maximum Altitude:
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Price & Dates

Book your trip now and get the opportunity to enjoy the Annapurna Sanctuary Trek. Below are the fixed departing treks. Just choose your suitable date and join the group.

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October 12, 2019 October 21, 2019
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What's Included

  • Airport pickup and drop services on a private vehicle
  • Transportation from Kathmandu to Lukla and back to Kathmandu (by flight)
  • Food (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and a cup of coffee or tea) and accommodations during the trip in hotels and guesthouses with family environment
  • One licensed English-speaking trekking guide (Chinese, Korean, Hindi speaking guides are also available)
  • Transportation, food, accommodation and insurance of guide during the trip
  • Down jacket, all-season sleeping bag, duffel bag (to be returned after completion of the trip)
  • First Aid Medical Kit (Carried by the guide)
  • All the required permits and paperworks
  • Welcome or farewell dinner in Kathmandu at a cultural restaurant (complimentary)
  • Mobile SIM Card (works nationwide) and a map of the trekking region

Optional Addons

  • Porter extra charge

What's Not Included

  • International airfare
  • Visa charges
  • Your travel and medical insurance
  • Personal expenses such as shopping, bar bills, hot shower, telephone, laundry etc.
  • Food and accommodation in Kathmandu (except mentioned)
  • Other services that are not mentioned
  • Tips for guides and porters

Did You Know?

Annapurna means “full of food,” significant to Hindus as the “Goddess of Harvest.”

Annapurna-I is the tenth-highest mountain in the world at 8,091 meters.

Annapurna was the first eight thousandar ever to be climbed in 1950.

The renowned Tilicho Lake lies in the Annapurna Region.

The successful climbing ratio of Annapurna is only 38%, making it the most dangerous 8000ar to climb.

How much does it cost to trek Annapurna Sanctuary?

700 USD and 1000 USD

The Annapurna Sanctuary Trek, due to its average duration and moderate difficulty level. Comes in pretty cheap compared to other treks. Ranging from 700 USD to 1000 USD, all depending on your needs and itinerary.

How Hard is Annapurna Sanctuary Trek?

The Annapurna Sanctuary Trek is considered moderately challenging. While it doesn’t require technical climbing skills, it involves steep ascents and descents, including the ascent to Thorang La Pass.

Adequate physical fitness and acclimatization are crucial. Trekkers should be prepared for varying weather conditions and be mindful of the high altitudes reached during the trek.

How Long is the Annapurna Sanctuary Trek?

The Annapurna Sanctuary Trek typically ranges from 10 to 14 days, depending on the chosen itinerary and acclimatization needs. The trek covers approximately 115 to 130 miles (185 to 210 kilometers), providing a comprehensive exploration of the region’s stunning landscapes and cultural facets.

What is the Difference Between Annapurna Sanctuary and Annapurna Circuit?

While both treks showcase the beauty of the Annapurna region, they differ in scope and itinerary. The Annapurna Sanctuary Trek is a shorter, more focused trek that takes trekkers directly to the heart of the Annapurna massif, culminating at the Annapurna Base Camp.

In contrast, the Annapurna Circuit is a longer and more diverse trek that circumnavigates the entire Annapurna massif, offering a broader range of landscapes, cultures, and altitudes. The Annapurna Sanctuary Trek is often chosen for a more concentrated mountain experience, while the Annapurna Circuit comprehensively explores the region.

What is the Annapurna Sanctuary Trek and what kind of scenery and experiences can trekkers expect?

The Annapurna Sanctuary Trek is a 10-day trek in the Annapurna region of Nepal. It takes trekkers into the heart of the Annapurna valley. Offering breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks, including Annapurna South, Hiunchuli, Gangapurna, and Machhapuchhre (Fishtail). You also get to enjoy this great trek full of floras and faunas. If lucky you may also be able to find rare animals around these parts.

 Along the way, trekkers will also have the opportunity to explore lush forests, traditional villages, and hidden temples, and to meet and interact with local communities.

Wildlife in Annapurna Sanctuary trek

A diverse home to various ranges of wildlife and biodiversity. This includes rare and endangered species such as the snow leopard, musk deer, and Himalayan tahr. The Annapurna Sanctuary Trek is an experience to witness all of nature’s magic in one go.

The trek also passes through the Annapurna Conservation Area, which was established to conserve the region’s unique natural and cultural heritage. To protect this biodiversity, trekkers are encouraged to follow responsible tourism practices, such as minimizing their impact on the environment and supporting conservation initiatives.

Challenges facing the Annapurna Sanctuary Trek measures taken to solve it.

This modern world has made life easier for us, but when it comes to trekking. Challenges such as over-tourism, environmental degradation, and the impact of climate change prevail and endanger such great trails and spots. To address these challenges, many trekking companies and local communities are working together to implement sustainable tourism practices and minimize the trek’s impact on the environment.

Not only the agencies and the local communities but, trekkers are encouraged to be responsible and follow guidelines to reduce their impact, such as reducing the use of single-use plastics and supporting local businesses.

What kind of accommodation options are available on the Annapurna Sanctuary Trek, and how do they reflect the local culture and architecture?

Throughout, Nepal trekking spots are filled with tea houses and lodges, and that limits the possibility of accommodation. While in some places you may be lucky to get quality lodges, with great facilities, they come in pretty expensive. Moreover, for a great experience, teahouses are the best way to spend the night.

The Annapurna Sanctuary Trek offers a variety of accommodation options, from simple tea houses and guesthouses to more luxurious lodges. The tea houses are locally owned and operated, providing a source of income for the local community and offering a glimpse into traditional Nepalese life.

 The lodges, on the other hand, provide a more comfortable and spacious option, with amenities such as hot showers and in-room heating. Regardless of the type of accommodation, trekkers can expect to be warmly welcomed and treated with hospitality by their hosts.


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