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With so much tension going on in the travel sector we recommend the idea of “Plan Now Travel Later”. A worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 has brought the world to a standstill, and tourism has been the worst affected of all major economic sectors. Nepal’s tourism sector has been staring at its deathbed, following the nationwide lockdown induced by the COVID-19 pandemic.


With the start of 2020, the year in which Nepal had anticipated to receive over two million foreign tourists, the global pandemic has flung the country’s tourism sector into chaos, bringing all the tourism activities to a grinding halt. The coronavirus crisis has not only led to the cancellation of the much-touted Visit Nepal Year 2020 campaign.


But it has also injected an unprecedented amount of uncertainty into the country’s tourism-based economy, as the business fraternity doesn’t know whether the tourism activities will resume this year.


Encourage to Plan Now Travel Later


Many of us have had our travel plans put on hold, or at worst canceled, due to Covid-19. But here we’re encouraging you to keep dreaming and planning your travels with this step-by-step guide on what you need to know and why it’s a better time than ever to book your next escape. I think we can all agree that when this time of quarantine ends, we all deserve a vacation.


With the flights and travel deals as low as they are right now, it can be tempting to start booking and planning travel while you’re relaxing at home. As the travel bug in you cannot stop planning your next trip when the world returns to normal. If you were planning to go on Everest Base Camp Trek and suddenly this pandemic came in between, please keep the plan on. This situation will certainly pass and we all will be able to travel again.


This is the right time you research more about some life-changing trips and make a plan to go set off on one of those when you can again. Dream and plan now travel later, when you can. It is the right thing to do at the moment.


Plan Now Travel Later










We are open 24hrs for your Inquiries


At our end, we will always be there giving you the information you want to know about traveling in Nepal. Although we are home-based for good now, we have not stopped working. Our job to help you plan a beautiful trip to Nepal is always at your service as Plan now travel later. We are always at your service with ideas to create great holiday itineraries and beyond for your needs. Planning for future vacations should not stop even at this moment. While there may be several other things to focus on at the moment, future travel planning should also get the space in our minds. Mail us your inquiries and questions regarding a trip to Nepal for us.


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(2) Book Trip at 0% amount

(3) 10% to 25% Discount on Booked Trip

(4) Free Cancelation

(5) A 24 hrs Online service for Travel inquiries


Plan Now Travel Later, COVID 19 UPDATES

How to Help Nepal Tourism Industry?


We all know the travel industry is hurting right now. It’s been wounded, and it’s currently bleeding to death. The only thing that can stop the bleeding is either for this whole pandemic to be over or for people to still book trips and make paid reservations so that the company still has money coming in to keep them afloat until we can travel again. Many smaller travel companies will go bankrupt as a result of this. Smaller hotels will close. So what can you do to help them by Plan now travel later?


Just like all the calls to buy gift cards for your hairdresser, favorite restaurant, or local boutique, you can help the travel industry by booking prepaid hotel rooms, flights, and activities now, to take place at a later date. If you care about the travel industry as much as I do, you can do your part and be socially responsible by paying for trips now.


With cancellation fee policies being relaxed or lifted (more on that below), there is little risk associated with booking these things. Even if you can’t travel on your planned dates, you should be able to use the credits to travel later. Paying for these things now can help your favorite airline, hotel, or activity company stays afloat now so they will still be open when the pandemic has gone.


Trek to Nepal after COVID-19


Planning your post-COVID-19 travels is the best way to pass the time while staying safely indoors, and we have created itineraries to help you get started. Here are the top 10 reasons to visit Nepal after COVID-19.


(1) Trekking paradise

(2) Trace the Birthplace of Lord Buddha

(3) Experience adventurous activities

(4) Abundance of wildlife and bird watching destination

(5) Insight into the diversified cultural mix

(6) Architectural handicrafts and artworks for souvenir

(7) Hassel free visa and low-cost travel

(8) Delicious variety of cuisine

(9) Safest destination with friendly people

(10) Online Heli Tours Booking in Nepal

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