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As the holidays approach, you must be planning to visit Nepal and trek tremendous sites famous for tourism. However, one must consult a Travel Agent before visiting Nepal for a comfortable and organized stay. So, we have brought you guidelines on what to look for before choosing a Trekking Agency. 

A good travel agency offers everything according to your interest and budget with a customized itinerary and package. The best luxury trek package options include upgraded high-quality hotel and comfort lodge trek options or solo private trek options. 

Besides accommodation, the most crucial factor is a licensed and experienced tour guide for your safety. Moreover, friendly guidance will benefit your trekking experience, and one must look for a trusted agency with experience. 

The correct agency will take care of you the entire trip till you return home. From lodgings and meals to trekking guidance and support, a good agency will serve you at its best. Here are some significant factors you must consider before choosing a Trekking Agency in Nepal:

  • Cost Details

First and foremost,  you must check the cost details of the package you choose with an agency. Different costs might not cover your expenses during the stay. For example, the agencies don’t cover the costs of liquor and intoxicating products. So, carefully check everything included and excluded from the package’s price. 

Moreover, you have to keep your budget in mind as you might want to take souvenirs back home from Nepal. Although most agencies include all the accommodation costs, you should ask for detailed information. 

  • Certified Guides

Sherpas are the best guides for the trekking experience in Nepal. So, ensure that the agency has a certified guide or a Local Sherpa guide to get you through the trip. An honest, experienced, and knowledgeable guide is essential for trekking in Nepal, and you should also check the experience details of the guide. 

  • Itinerary and Details of the Trek

When you choose a package with an agency, make sure the itinerary is flexible and includes every day’s activity. Also, consider the weather factors that might affect your trip’s itinerary and check if they have flexibility for extra days. 

  • Company Reputation and Certification

Make sure the trekking company you are using is registered with the Nepalese government before you travel to the country. There are many travel associations like Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal(TAAN), Adventure Travel Trade Association and KEEP, through which a travel agency is certified.

  • Company Credibility

It is crucial for you to check the validity of the trekking company you choose. The type of reputation and recognition they have in the market determines your stay with them. Also, you must make sure that the agency is a certified one with years of experience in the trekking field. 

  • Accommodation

You must make sure that the agency will provide you with comfortable and luxurious accommodation during your stay. It is important that you stay in a hygienic environment surrounded by friendly locals and accurate guidance. Also, make sure what place, environment, and meals are available in the accommodated area. 



All in all, Nepal Lion Treks meets all the criteria above to make your stay enjoyable and comfortable. Our records show the reputation and credibility of our company. Moreover, you can contact us for detailed inquiries.