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COVID-19 Protocols for Travel & Trekking in Nepal

Recent COVID-19 Protocols for traveling in Nepal


As per the recent update many of the COVID-19 Protocols in Nepal has been set. A meeting of the Council of Ministers held has decided to open international flights from October for Travel and Trekking in Nepal. Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Yogesh Bhattarai informed that it has been decided to open international flights for International tourists who have to want to travel Nepal with Safety measures.


Once the trekking and mountaineering restart from 17 October, you will be able to enjoy the adventure in the mountains of Nepal. But to ensure the maximum safety from the pandemic, the government of Nepal has announced the guidelines and provisions to enter Nepal. Every traveler entering Nepal has to follow the rules and conditions strictly.


Mandatory Provisions


These are the mandatory provisions that will come into effect in the post-covid-19 tourism industry in Nepal.


(1) The traveler has to obtain a Nepal visa before arrival in Nepal. But if any traveler is unable to get the Nepalese visa in his/her country, s/he can obtain the travel permit to Nepal coordinated by the trekking company that s/he is traveling with. His or her travel plan will be recommended to the Department of Immigration of Nepal by the Department of Tourism and Nepal Tourism Board.


(2) The travelers recommended according to Clause 1 will get the visa from the immigration point upon arrival from where they will be checking in to Nepal.


(3) The travelers need to submit the following documents while entering Nepal.




  • (a) COVID-19 Negative report tested within 72 hours before arriving in Nepal.
  • (b) Valid Nepal Visa or travel permit
  • (c) Document of Hotel booking to stay at least 7 days’ quarantine before the adventure starts
  • (d) COVID-19 Insurance of at least USD 5000
  • (e) The traveler has to stay at least 7 days’ of mandatory quarantine before the start of the adventure.


(4) The traveler has to go for a PCR test on the 5th day of quarantine on his/her own expenses. S/he will be allowed to go on the trekking or mountaineering only if the PCR report comes negative.


(5) According to clause 5, if a traveler tests positive in PCR, s/he has to stay in hotel quarantine until the report comes negative.


(6) The trekking or mountaineering group has to get insurance of at least 100,000 Rupees from the Nepali trekking and mountaineering staff before obtaining the trekking or mountaineering permit.


(7) The trekkers and the mountaineers have to follow the health protocol guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and Population, Nepal while on the adventure.


(8) The travelers need to follow other terms & conditions and protocols published by the Department of Tourism. The concerned company has to inform travelers about the protocols and provisions.


(9) These are the mandatory provisions to enter into Nepal for trekking or mountaineering adventure. There are several health guidelines and protocols to follow once you can start the adventure.


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