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Domestic & International flights to be resumed from August 17 in Nepal

Covid 19 Flight Updates Nepal 


As per Covid 19 flight updates, a meeting of the Council of Ministers has decided to open international flights. Firstly, Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Yogesh Bhattarai did inform of that subject.  Secondly, from August 17, both domestic and international flights will operate.


Further, in countries with controlled corona, they can expect the flights to operate. Also, they must adopt the necessary health safety measures. Similarly, regular flights will be operated in the countries where chartered flights are being operated now.


Covid 19 flight updates and Safety Protocols of CAAN


The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has already brought the protocol regarding safety standards before opening the airport. CAAN has already issued safety guidelines for the operation of airports for passengers, airlines, employees, and the airport. Firstly, people need to maintain a social distance of 2 meters. Secondly, travelers should wear masks and finally, hand sanitizer has to be used. Likewise, passengers need to fill up a form with information about their health status.


As per CAAN guidelines, people with fever, cough, respiratory problems, taste, and smell are not allowed on the plane. People with a temperature of 38 Degree Celsius (100.4 F) or above will not be allowed on the plane.


Above all, passengers will have to use a medical mask from the time they enter the airport until they reach their destination. CAAN has directed not to allow those who do not wear medical masks to enter the airport.


Directives of CAAN


(1) Airport will have to ban the use of trolleys except for the essentials.

(2) CAAN instructed the elderly, pregnant women, and those with serious health problems not to travel.

(3) Airlines will not be able to fly passengers at 100 percent capacity.

(4) Maintain social distance inside the aircraft while providing air service.

(5) Airline will have to provide air service only at 50/60 percent capacity.


Also, do know about the new COVID-19 Protocols for Travel & Trekking in Nepal

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