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Best Trip for 2022



Nepal Lion Tours & Treks is already successful with organizing Best Trip for 2022 for a lot of visitors and trekkers in Nepal. Our company has greater plans and trips for you in this trekking season.


Nepal with rich ancient cultures set against the most dramatic scenery in the world is a land of discovery and unique experience. For broad-minded individuals searching for Best Trip for 2022 and who value an experience that is authentic and mesmerizing, Nepal is the ideal destination. Come and revel in the untouched and the undiscovered and uncover yourself.


First, let us present you with the most famous and best trip for 2022. The best part is, you may want to try it all. If so do not forget to Contact us. or simply have a glimpse of our list of Nepal Tours.


Everest Base Camp Trek: 14 Days



EBC Trek, Best Trip for 2019

















The Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the most popular Trek in Nepal Himalayas and thousands of people take this program year to fulfill their dream to be at the base camp of the tallest mountain on earth and the Everest Base Camp is one of the best seller Trip in our company So, we offer this trip at a discounted price for the year of 2022.


Everest Base Camp- Chola Pass- Gokyo Valley Trek: 14 Days



Gokyo Valley, Best Trip for 2019

















The Everest Base Camp – Chola Pass and Gokyo Valley Trek is another popular trekking trail in the Everest region and the trek offers an adventure pass over the Cho La. The EBC Chola pass Trek first goes to the base camp by following the EBC route then it goes over the Chola pass and reaches Gokyo valley as well as the lakes.


After climbing the Gokyo Ri, you will return to Namche then to Lukla, and finally, take a flight to Kathmandu to conclude the Trek. We consider the Everest Base Camp- Cho La- Gokyo Trek is best for adventure trekkers. So, go for it if you are planning to get the Best Trip for 2022.


Annapurna Base Camp Trek: 12 Days



ABC-Larke Pass, Best Trip for 2019


















The Annapurna Base Camp Trek is another popular trekking route in Nepal and the Treks go to the base camp of the Annapurna Himalaya ranges. You will have very close-up views of the Himalayas on this trek so, this trek required moderate fitness So if you are planning to have the Best Trip for 2022 then the Annapurna Base Camp Can be for you.


Annapurna Circuit Trek with Tilicho Lake: 15 Days



Annapurna circuit trekking with Tilicho lake, Best Trip for 2019












The Annapurna Circuit Trek is a long and adventure Trek in Annapurna Region, as the Annapurna Region is a popular trek region in Nepal and this trek offers beautiful landscape views which include river valleys, mountain terraces, jungles, high Himalayan Peaks, Lakes and it goes pass over the Thorong La, the highest trekking pass in Nepal.


You will visit the Pilgrimage sites of Muktinath temple and trek by following the Kaligandaki river valley and climb the Ghorepani and return to Pokhara to conclude the Trek. Do not forget that you will also admire the Tilicho lake in this trekking.


Manaslu Circuit Trek: 14 Days



manaslu circuit trekking, Best Trip for 2019















The Manaslu trek is another best circuit trek in Nepal and the Manaslu is being more popular these days and it has been developing as the best alternative of the Annapurna Circuit since there has been road build in some part of the Annapurna Circuit Trail.


The Manaslu was possible only by camping style trek a few years back moreover now, basic lodges and tea houses have been built in this trail now so, you can do the basic tea house trek easily these days so, we would like to offer the Manaslu Trek to you as Best Trip for 2022.


Langtang Circuit Trek: 13 Days



Langtang Circuit Trekking, Best Trip for 2019















The Langtang Circuit Trek is another adventure pass Trek over the Lauribinayak La or Gosaikunda Pass. The Langtang was badly affected by the earthquake in 2015. However, it is recovering and we already have started to operate the trek in the region. We would like to offer this Best Trip for 2022 and invite all of you to trek in this region to revive the tourism of this region.


This trek includes the visit of Beautiful Langtang Valley, the High mountain lake of Gosaikunda Lake, and over the Gosaikunda pass. Further, we trek through another valley of Helambu and return to Kathmandu. The Langtang Circuit Trek is the best combination of Nature and culture.


Ghorepani-Poon Hill Hot Spring Short Trek- 8 Days





















The Ghorepani-Poon hill is another popular trek in Nepal and the short trek in Annapurna Region is suitable for everyone and especially for beginners. If you are planning to trek Nepal for the first time or if you are planning to trek in Nepal with family or kids then the Ghorepani –Poon Hill Trek is the best for you. The Trek offers an amazing sunrise view over the Himalayas from Poon Hill and a hot spring to relax your body.


Kathmandu Pokhara Chitwan and Lumbini Tour- 8 Days



Chitwan National park, Best Trip for 2019






















The ancient trade route between India and Tibet that passed through Kathmandu enabled a fusion of artistic and architectural traditions from other cultures to be amalgamated with local art and architecture. The monuments of Kathmandu City have been influenced over the centuries by Hindu and Buddhist religious practices. The architectural treasure of the Kathmandu valley has been categorized under the well-known seven groups of heritage monuments and buildings.




















In 2006 UNESCO declared these seven groups of monuments as a World Heritage Site (WHS). The seven monument zones cover an area of 189 hectares (470 acres), with the buffer zone extending to 2,394 hectares (5,920 acres).


The Seven Monument Zones (Mzs) inscribed originally in 1979 and with a minor modification in 2006 are Durbar Squares of Hanuman Dhoka, Patan and Bhaktapur, Hindu temples of Pashupatinath and Changunarayan, the Buddhist stupas of Swayambhu and Boudhanath.




-Pashupatinath Temple

-Kathmandu Durbar Square

-Hanuman Dhoka

-Gardens of Dreams



-Kumari Ghar

-Hanuman Dhoka

-Patan Durbar Square




Pokhara is a metropolitan city in Nepal. It is the country’s second-largest city in terms of population after the capital Kathmandu. Above all, Pokhara and Lekhnath were merged to create Pokhara Metropolitan City in May 2017. It is the provincial capital of Gandaki Pradesh and headquarters of Kaski District.




















Pokhara is located 200 kilometers (120 miles) west of the capital Kathmandu. The altitude varies from 827 meters (2,713 feet) in the southern part to 1,740 meters (5,710 feet) in the north. The Annapurna Range with three of the ten highest mountains in the world — Dhaulagiri, Annapurna I, and Manaslu — is within 24–56 km of the valley.


As a point of a tourist destination, you can visit places like


-Phewa lake

-Begnas Lake

-Davis Falls

-Annapurna Circuit

-Mahendra Cave

-Rupa Lake


-Tal Barahi Temple

-International Mountain Museum

-Tibetan Refugee Camp

-Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave

-World Peace Pagoda




Chitwan is a beautiful ecosystem that hosts all kinds of birds, animals, reptiles, and plants. The biggest highlights are the Asian one-horned rhinoceros and hundreds of Royal Bengal tigers. The creeping vines and gigantic trees of this beautiful park transport you to a lost world. A world where crocodiles, deer, elephants, rhinos, and pythons run free. Perhaps more important to your Chitwan experience is the presence of the colorful Tharu Culture, a unique tribe known for its ancient culture and ways of living.




















Some of the top things to do in the Chitwan include elephant safaris, canoe rides, jeep drives, jungle walks, and more. Choosing this Chitwan tour gives you access to some of the most experienced guides, who have vast experience in the field of hospitality and are known for their great standards of service.


You can enjoy the following destinations


-Chitwan National Park

-Chitwan Jungle Safari

-Elephant Breeding Center

-Tharu Cultural Museum

-Bishazari Tal

-Seti Gandaki River

-Valmiki National Park




















Lumbini is the place where Queen Mayadevi gave birth to Siddhartha Gautama, who as the Buddha Gautama founded the Buddhist tradition. The Buddha lived between roughly 563 and 483 BCE. Lumbini is one of the four magnets of the pilgrimage that sprang up in places before the life of the Buddha. The others are at Kushinagar, Bodh Gaya, and Sarnath. You can do some sightseeing in the Lumbini garden & various monasteries that are scattered around the area. Overnight accommodation will be in a hotel in Lumbini.


Lumbini consists of sone of the following famous points


-Shanti Stupa

-Maya Devi Temple

-Lumbini Museum

-Lumbini Crane Sanctuary


Major activities to do in Nepal for 2022


Mountain Climbing


The 800 km stretch of the Nepal Himalayan is the greatest in the world with eight peaks that rise above 8,000m including the highest in the world, Mt. Everest. Ever since the country opened its peaks to climbers in 1994, the Nepal Himalayan has become a great theatre of mountaineering activity. Both the drama of success and failure has provided an impetus to thousands of men and women to meet the ultimate challenge.



mountain climbing




















The best way to experience Nepal’s unbeatable combination of natural beauty and cultural riches is to walk through them. One can walk along the beaten trails or virgin tracks. Either way, you are in for an experience for a lifetime. Along with forests of rhododendron, isolated hamlets, and small mountain villages, birds, animals, temples, monasteries, and breathtaking landscapes, you will also encounter friendly people of different cultures offering a fascinating glimpse of traditional rural life.


















Bird Watching


Nepal is a paradise for bird lovers with over 646 species (almost 8% of the world total) of birds, and among them, almost 500 hundred species are found in Kathmandu Valley alone. The most popular bird-watching spots in Kathmandu are Phulchoki, Godavari, Nagarjun, Bagmati river, Taudaha, and so on. Get your binoculars and look forward to a rewarding experience.






















Rafting is one of the best ways to explore the typical cross-section of the natural as well as the ethnocultural heritage of the country. There are numerous rivers in Nepal which offer excellent rafting or canoeing experience. You can glide on calm jade waters with munificent scenery all about or rush through roaring white rapids, in the care of expert river-men employed by government authorized agencies.


So far, the government has opened sections of 10 rivers for commercial rafting. The Trisuliriver is one of the most popular of Nepal’s raftable rivers. The Kali Gandaki winds through remote canyons and deep gorges for five days of intense rapids.





















The Bhote Koshi is 26km of continuous white water and the raging Marshyanghi is four days of uninterrupted white water. The Karnali river provides some of the most challenging rapids in the world.


The Sun Koshi, 27km, requiring 8-10 days to complete, is a big and challenging river. Adventurers are provided with world-class services by rafting agents. Agencies here provide life jackets, camping, and the standard rafting paraphernalia needed by world-class rafting.


An extremely popular sport in Europe, cannoning is now available in Nepal. Cannoning gives you the freedom to explore some of the most ruggedly beautiful, yet forbidden places in the world.


Hot Air Ballooning


Hot air ballooning is very popular with tourists for it affords the most spectacular bird’s-eye view of the Kathmandu valley and the Himalayan ranges towering in the background. On a clear day, it’s a superb way to view the Himalayan (from over 6000m up), and the view of the valley is equally breathtaking.





















Bungee Jumping


The ultimate thrill of a bungee jump can now be experienced in Nepal at one of the best sites that this sport can boast of anywhere in the world. Nepal’s first bungee jumping site is situated 160m. Over the Bhote Koshi river, inviting you to experience the ultimate adrenaline rush in the surroundings of this amazing place. The jump, at 160m., is staffed and operated by some of the most experienced jump masters in the business.




















Paragliding in Nepal can be a truly wonderful and fulfilling experience for the adventure-seeking. A trip will take you over some of the best scenery on earth, as you share airspace with Himalayan griffins vultures, eagles, kites and float over villages, monasteries, temples, lakes, and jungle, with a fantastic view of the majestic Himalayas.





















Ultralight Aircraft


Ultralight aircraft take off from Pokhara and offer spectacular views of the lakes, mountains, and villages. This is an ideal way to see life from a new perspective. The choice of Pokhara Valley for ultra-light aircraft is appropriate chiefly because of the proximity of the mountains, and the scenic lakes. For those who wished they could fly birds when growing up, this flight is a must.

















It might be lonely at the top, but this flight is a must. It might be lonely at the top, but the spectacular view from up high certainly makes it all worth it. Flights are from the Pokhara airport beginning September through June. The flights take place from sunrise to 11 a.m. and from 3 p.m. to sunset every day during these months.


Mountain Biking


The best way to explore the Kathmandu Valley is on a mountain bike. Nepal’s diverse terrain is a mountain biker’s dream adventure comes true. Mountain biking offers an environmentally sound way of exploring this magnificent country, its landscape, and its living heritage. There are plenty of dirt roads and trails in Nepal to meet every mountain biker’s wildest fantasy.



Mountain Biking

















Mountain biking is especially recommended if you wish to explore urban centers of Nepal such as Pokhara and Kathmandu as well as the countryside. Adventurous souls may plan extended trips to such exotic locales as Namche Bazaar and western Nepal. You could even do the entire length of Nepal across the plains. Mountain bikes are available for rent by the day or longer in many of the bicycle rental outlets in Nepal and around the city.


Jungle Safari


National Parks located especially in the Terai region in Nepal attract visitors from all over the world. A visit to these parks involves game- stalking by a variety of means-foot, dugout canoe, jeep, and elephant back. One is bound to sight a one-horned rhino or two at every elephant safari.


Besides the rhinos, wild boars, samburs, spotted deer, sloth bear, four-horned antelope are also usually seen. A Royal Bengal tiger may surprise you by its majestic appearance. Thus, Chitwan invites you to book and include it as the Best Trip for 2022.



Chitwan Jungle safari

















Mountain Flight


Only awe-stricken silence can come close to matching the experience of going on a mountain flight to encounter the tallest mountains on earth. Mountain flights offer the closest possible aerial views of Mt. Everest, Kanchenjunga, and the Tibetan Plateau. Mountain flights appeal to all categories of travelers and have become a popular tourist attraction of Nepal. For those who are restricted by time or other considerations from going for a trek, these flights offer a panoramic view of the Himalayan in just one hour.





















Rock Climbing


For all those cliffhangers out there, Kathmandu offers a roster of stone walls that make for an experience of a lifetime. Now of late, Rock climbing has become a popular sport in Kathmandu, which offers some really terrific places for rock climbing. Nagarjuna, Balaju, Shivapuri, and Budhanilkantha are some of the places where you can try this sport. It is considered the best trip for 2022 where you can explore many things.



rock climbing


















With all of these Best Trips for 2022, you are sure to be enjoying Nepal visit. Nepal Lion Tours & Treks welcomes you and all the trekkers to enjoy the best tours provided by us so BOOK NOW.